Ever Get the Feeling Your Horses Are Laughing at You? VW Paints the Picture

Posted by Paige Cerulli
VW commercial

This new VW commercial hits the nail on the head when it comes to the frustrating process of backing up a horse trailer with a critical audience around.

If you've ever tried to back up a horse trailer, especially on an angle, then you know how frustratingly difficult it can be. It's even worse when there are people watching, the pressure's on, and you're trying to fit the trailer into a tight space.

Well, the poor soul in this VW commercial doesn't have an audience of humans, but he has an equine audience which show no mercy for his predicament.

Anyone who drives a trailer has likely found themselves in this situation, though probably without the hysterical laughing of a bunch of mean horses. But this VW commercial does exactly what it sets out to do - it reminds us all of the undesirable challenge of backing up a horse trailer, and it shows us exactly why we need this new Volkswagen.

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A vehicle that can take care of positioning the horse trailer for me? Please, take my money!

Have a look at this fun commercial.

Do you ever get the feeling that your horses are laughing at you? We probably do some things that make our horses think we're a little crazy, sure. They probably wonder why we pick up their manure every day, why we spend hours pulling manes and braiding for shows, and why we ask them to ride around in circles.

But when it comes to backing a horse trailer? Well, with the new Volkswagen, our horses will never be able to laugh at us again.

What things do you think your horse laughs at you about? Tell us in the comments below!

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Ever Get the Feeling Your Horses Are Laughing at You? VW Paints the Picture