Horse Wanders into Russian Convenience Store...

Posted by Paige Cerulli
horse in store

When a horse wanders into a Russian convenience store, the bystanders' reactions aren't at all what you would expect. 

A Russian convenience store recently had a very unusual customer. A horse wandered into the store and made himself right at home in front of the front door. He had a clear view of the drink coolers and the aisles of snacks, but seemed content to stand and just watch the goings-on.

What's hilarious about this is how nonchalant all of the shoppers are. No one seems to be the slightest bit put out by the fact that there's a loose horse standing (on a very slippery tile floor) just a few feet away. The customers stay in line, and one man even slips behind the horse to leave the store.

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Take a look for yourself!

Probably not the type of scene that a horse in a store would incite here in the US, but no one seems too upset in this Russian convenience store. Eventually someone tries to tempt the horse back out the door with a treat.

We'd love to know how the horse got into the store in the first place, but there's little information available on the whole incident. We can only assume that he was searching for a horse treat of his own.

How would you react if a horse wandered into the store you were in? Tell us in the comments below!

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Horse Wanders into Russian Convenience Store...