Horseshoe Boot Math Problem

This Horse-Themed Viral Math Problem Is Stumping the Internet


Math problems literally make me sweat and even the simplest math problems can make everyone crazy. We saw this "only a genius can solve it" and had to share with you all. This horse, horseshoe, boots math problem is making its rounds! People are getting tripped up on the boots and totally overthinking this one.

Try solving this viral math problem before you go over the video! If you're a horse lover it's really fun to try and solve the equations based on the horse themed icons but you don't need to know anything about horses to get to the right answer. This knowledge won't help you at all!

This problem meant for children is messing up adults!


A lot of people are arguing over the best way to solve this problem from MindYourDecisions. There is multiplication, division, and subtraction involved! A Facebook post with this problem has over 500,000 comments. Did you figure out this math question? MidYourDecisions has other puzzling brain teasers too!

The video hopefully helped you determine the correct way to tackle this. You don't have to be a math olympiad but it's a trick question for sure!

Math problems, math equations, word problems, math puzzles, and even logic puzzles are not my cup of tea. When I see division signs my eyes start to blur but this test question was fun after watching the video!

Addition-subtraction is more my style and level math I'd like to tackle in these problems! Social media has provided an opportunity for all of us to push ourselves a little and prove to our math teachers that we did indeed learn something! I'm not sure what level this problem is at whether it's high school, designed for third graders or even 7-year-olds, it was hard!


Did this math problem drive you crazy? Sorry! Please leave a comment below and tell us where you got stuck. 

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