Meet Bonnie and Clyde, Rare Horse Twins Born in Texas

Posted by Stacey Venzel
horse twins
All photos via Holly M Gonzales/Go Fund Me

A horse in Texas beat the 1 in 10,000 odds to have twins!

The chances of a horse pregnant with twins successfully carrying to full-term is extremely rare, but a mare named Sophie in Paige, Texas gave birth to two foals, a male and female, on May 11.

Human twins occur 1 in every 67 pregnancies. But horse twins? That occurs 1 in every 10,000.

The Tucker family knew their horse was pregnant but they weren't expecting two babies. In fact, Jenny Tucker didn't believe her husband when he told her the news.

The couple decided to name the pair Bonnie and Clyde after going through a list of celebrity duos. They came to the decision after taking a look at the babies' unique personalities. Jenny said:

"She's very rambunctious and he's more mellow and laid back."

horse twins

Bonnie and Clyde still have to undergo veterinary care to make sure they stay healthy as both required feeding tubes, antibiotics, and plasma transfusions after birth. Clyde seems to be struggling a bit more than Bonnie, but the couple is hopeful the new horses will make it through. Clyde's survival odds have recently increased slightly from 50/50 to 60/40.

Despite Clyde initially having difficulty nursing, and Sophie struggling to keep up with two babies, Clyde at least wants to eat, which the vet staff and Tucker clan consider a good thing.

Both foals are staying under constant veterinary care at one of the top animal care facilities in Texas, Elgin Veterinary Hospital. The plan is to keep them under watchful eye there until June, which means a roughly $5,000 vet bill for the Tuckers.

The couple has set up a Go Fund Me page if you'd like to donate to the twins' care.

Have you ever known a horse to give birth to twins? Tell us about it in the comments below!

All photos via Holly M Gonzales/Go Fund Me.

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