Texas Horse Therapy Program Needs Financial Help to Stay Running

Posted by Paige Cerulli

A horse therapy program in North Texas faces an immediate need for funding, and may have to close its doors if that funding isn't achieved. 

Haven's Horses, located in Keller, Texas, has served local children for 15 years. The horse therapy program is a member of PATH International and provides therapeutic riding lessons to disabled children.

Unfortunately, the program may be forced to close if its need for immediate funding isn't met. Celena Salinas, Director of Haven's Horses, writes that the program has an urgent funding goal of $45,000.


Salinas writes:

"In 2015, Haven's Horses partnered with The Apache's Angels Foundation to continue to provide Equine Therapy to the community.  This partnership was natural, given that The Apache's Angels Foundation was a Christian riding organization whose mission was to provide equine rehabilitation services and scholarships to equine therapy centers throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth community.  The original plans for this partnership changed in September 2016 when the Board of Directors at Christ's Haven for Children announced that their program, Haven's Horses would be closing November 2016.

We are confident that with the strengths of both organizations, we will be able to create a non-profit mission that will continue to impact our community in significantly positive ways! Because we understand the importance of equine therapy to our riders, our goal is to ensure that their therapy with our horses is not disrupted during this transition."

Now, Haven's Horses depends on donations to meet the $45,000 funding need.

Therapeutic riding provides countless benefits to both children and adults. Riders often experience improved mobility and strength, increased body and self-control, reduced stress, and increased confidence. Children can learn important social skills and can discover how to engage with a horse.

Unfortunately, running a therapeutic riding facility can be a financial challenge. While there are grants available, they are few and far between, while the overhead for a program involving horses and certified instructors is substantial.

If you would like to help Haven's Horses, be sure to visit their website for more information.

What do you think about Haven's Horses? Will you donate? Let us know in the comments below!

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Texas Horse Therapy Program Needs Financial Help to Stay Running