Horse Spooked by Low-Flying Helicopter, Search Is on for Offender

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Bog-Off Pete
All images via CornwallLive

This horse owner is searching for the person who spooked her horse.

A woman in England is on the hunt for the person who flew a helicopter over her horse pasture, frightening her horses and causing severe injury to one.

Marilyn Stead, 50, said that her two-year-old Bog-Off Pete was turned out in the pasture with other young horses when a helicopter flew very low across the field where the horses were grazing.

"Unfortunately they panicked and Pete, who is a bit of a special boy, must have been the first to hit the gate," she said in an interview with Cornwall Live.


Horse injury

When Bog-Off Pete hit the gate, he bent it in two and received both a severe puncture wound and broken bones in his face. The puncture starts on the outside of his cheek, but goes straight through into his mouth.

"Pete has suffered injuries that are life-threatening, he is critical although he looks healthy at the moment," Stead said. "We really don't know what his future will be, if he has a future at all."

The incident took place Sunday May 14 between 3 and 3:30 p.m. Stead said the family arrived home from an outing to find "a mess." She has been searching for the offender ever since with no luck, and finally contacted Cornwall Live for help.

Woman and horse

She said her neighbors saw the helicopter flying low across the field. It is thought to be a blue and silver four-seater helicopter. Though her family has checked in with numerous flying clubs and the civil aviation authority, so far they have all been dead ends.

As for Bog-Off Pete, he is still being treated by Kenwyn Vets. The Steads say they have been amazing, but the medical costs for his care are rising.

Stead said:

"I know that no one would deliberately scare an animal in this way but it does show a level of negligence. What if someone was on the horse at the time? They could have died ... I know accidents happened but this is not one."

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All images via CornwallLive.

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Horse Spooked by Low-Flying Helicopter, Search Is on for Offender