Horse Rescued from High Waters in Hurricane Harvey Floods

Posted by Mateja Lane
horse in flood

Firefighters in College Station were able to successfully rescue a horse stuck in floodwaters. 

The rescue wasn't easy as firefighters fought fast water to get to the thousand-pound animal. It took 20 minutes to just get to the stranded horse, but in the end, the rescuers were successful in leading him to dry land.

The horse was under the Highway 6 in College Station, Texas. The A&M town has seen significant structural damage from Hurricane Harvey and is still under flash flood watch.

There was another horse nearby and officials believe they are of the same herd. The firefighters are still looking for the horses' owners.

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First responders have been inundated with rescues, both of the human and animal kind, and hopefully when things calm down, the horses' owners will come forward and thank the firefighters for their good work.

Hurricane Harvey has already dropped an estimated 30 inches of rainfall in southeast Texas, 14 in College Station alone, and the storm could reach up to 50 inches when it finally passes. Flooding will last in the areas most affected for quite some time.

You can donate to the United States Equestrian Foundation to specifically help horses in need in Hurricane Harvey.


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Horse Rescued from High Waters in Hurricane Harvey Floods