Horse Pulling Is a Lifestyle That Requires Tons of Work

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Horse pulling is a fascinating sport which requires tons of dedication and owes its roots to the days when we depended on draft horses for farming.

If you've ever been to a county fair, you may have been lucky enough to see a horse pulling competition in action. Horse pulling is a fascinating sport and originated when farmers decided to match their horses against each other to see who had the team that could pull the most weight. During the days when farmers depended on the draft horse, draft teams were commonplace and these impromptu matches grew into an organized sport.

Horse pulling still exists today, though the number of people who use horses as their main tools in farming have greatly decreased. The video below gives a look into the lifestyle of horse pulling and the type of dedication and hard work that goes into the sport. Take a look at this beautiful team, based in Maine, and how their owner keeps them in shape.

In horse pulling, the teams of two draft horses start by pulling a load of 1,500 pounds. The weight of the load can be increased from there, with each team of horses needing to work in unison to pull the load a set distance. The horses are clearly excited by the task, surging forward before the hitch is even fastened to the load. The power of these animals is amazing, and the competition showcases exactly how valuable horses could be around the farm.

But there's another important result of horse pull competitions. They expose draft horses to the public, educating people about the important roles that horses played in the development of our country. The more people who see and know about how incredible horses are, the more support that there's likely to be for horses and preserving farmland in the future.

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Horse Pulling Is a Lifestyle That Requires Tons of Work