Gator Gets a Beating When It Comes Too Close to a Baby Horse

Posted by Mateja Lane
horse attacks alligator

Don't test a mother horse's love. 

Krystal M. Berry was enjoying a beautiful day with her friends in Florida's Paynes Prarie Preserve State Park, a national landmark that prides itself on being biologically and ecologically diverse. Animals that roam the park include alligators, bison, horses and more than 270 species of birds.

And Berry got to see these animals up close and quite personally.

A group of horses, including a colt, were grazing off the path when an alligator decided to make its presence known. That's when the mother horse's instincts really kicked in and she attacked the gator. Berry filmed the whole thing.

The horse repeatedly stomps on the gator, with one trample leaving the reptile spiraling through the air. The mama horse wanted that gator to know that he was too close for comfort.

The interaction left Berry understandably shaken, but not enough so that she wasn't able to capture an incredible moment of a predator and prey animal meeting in a natural setting. While neither animal was truly injured, it was an exciting example of a mother's protective instincts in nature.

Better than National Geographic!

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Gator Gets a Beating When It Comes Too Close to a Baby Horse