Horse Lovers Have to See This New Hermes Commercial

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This brilliant new Hermes commercial may place a horse and rider in an unusual situation, but it's sure to connect with horse enthusiasts. 

Hermes knows how to market, and they certainly know how to pull at the heartstrings of horse lovers. The new Hermes commercial has everything that a good advertisement needs - excitement, beauty, and stirring drama. Plus, it's all under a minute long.

Now, be honest: Have you ever ridden in a car and counted out the strides to leap over mailboxes, fences, and any other obstacles that you come upon? Of course you have. And usually you do it in time with whatever song is playing on the radio. Think of it as practice for seeing your distance.

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Well, this Hermes commercial has brought that situation to life, as horse and rider navigate obstacles within a busy city. It's absolutely beautiful. Take a look.

Alright, so most of us will never gallop and jump a horse through busy city streets - or at least I hope we won't! But did you get a look at the tack on the horse? Gorgeous. You can practically feel the buttery soft leather through your screen. Drool.

That's some good marketing, Hermes.

There's something to be said for incorporating horses in commercials. They're naturally elegant and beautiful - traits that many companies want associated with their products. Horses are strong, independent, and even wild. Is it any wonder that they're used so often in marketing?

What is your favorite commercial featuring a horse? Tell us in the comments below.

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Horse Lovers Have to See This New Hermes Commercial