Eventing Horse Finishes Cross-Country Course in France Alone

Posted by Mateja Lane
Images by Véronique Ruaux-leveque via Horse and Hound UK

Venega the eventing horse decided to finish the course on his own. 

Horseman Tom Carlile was competing at a French national cross-country riding event in Saint Cyr du Doret when his horse Venega got spooked on a water feature.

Carlile was thrown off Venega's back. But the horse kept going.


Jean Teulère was competing against Carlile in the cross-country event and Venega decided to finish the course with the duo.


"Luckily, Jean saw the funny side," says Carlile, as his horse kept jumping with his competitors. "I think Jean should have been stopped, and my horse caught before he was allowed to continue."

Although nobody was hurt, and Venega finished the course on his own, Carlile sees the danger in letting a horse jump a course on its own.

"There could have been an accident - he could have galloped into someone. The fence stewards were very young, there weren't enough radios and each steward had several fences to look after."

But this proves that sometimes a horse likes to jump on his own!

Images by Véronique Ruaux-leveque via Horse and Hound UK

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