Horse Decides That His Owner's Face Makes the Best Pillow

Posted by Paige Cerulli

While horses nap pretty frequently, most don't decide to lay their heads on their owners' faces when they're feeling sleepy!

Horses take naps frequently throughout the day. Horses need their rest, and they can often be found sleeping on their feet or lying down to get some quality sleep. Sometimes you may even see multiple horses lying down in a field at the same time, with one horse standing to keep watch. They may lie close together or even lay their heads in a hay pile, using the hay as a pillow.

But we'll bet that you've never seen something like this horse before. When Jimmy the horse decides that it's nap time, he finds the perfect pillow - his owner's face. Jimmy lays his head right on top of his owner, Lisa's, head, and the result is both comical and adorable. It certainly made for a great photo opportunity - take a look at this goofy horse.

Now, this unusual nap time worked out fine for Lisa and Jimmy, but please don't go and try this with your horse. It's cute and funny, but it also could have gone very wrong if Jimmy had moved suddenly or had decided that he wanted to get up without considering the fact that Lisa was lying down with him.

Many horses do not like to be approached when they're lying down, since they're in a vulnerable position. Some horses may let you approach them while they're napping, but be careful - if the horse isn't fully awake, he may be startled by your presence. As horses get up, they often move quickly and dramatically, so make sure that you always have an "out" so that you can keep yourself a safe distance from your horse.

You wouldn't want to be disturbed from a nap, would you? It's best to give horses the same consideration when they are trying to rest.

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Horse Decides That His Owner's Face Makes the Best Pillow