Horse Decides He's Done Wearing His Horse Blanket, Thank You


Someone's all done with his horse blanket, but that's okay, because he also thinks it makes a great entertaining toy. 

When you have horses, it's kind of like having a barn full of toddlers. They have minds of their own, they're full of opinions, and sometimes, no matter what you try, they refuse to listen to logic. When this horse decides that it's warm enough to go without a horse blanket, he decides that blanket needs to come off. Now. And he figures out how to do it.

Not only does this horse remove his own blanket, though, he then has a great time playing with it. I mean, what better toy is there than a giant flapping piece of fabric? Clearly, this horse is just delighted with his new toy.

And check out those spins toward the end of the video. Perhaps he has a future in reining?

Sometimes, you'll be lucky enough to have a horse that just doesn't love his horse blanket, but leaves it be. These guys can be real challenges, especially when they refuse to stay blanketed no matter what you do. Or there are the classic blanket destroyers that can render a brand-new $300 blanket absolutely useless within the span of 10 minutes. They're fun, too.


Blanketing can be a headache, and some horse owners opt to avoid blanketing altogether. There's nothing wrong with it, as long as your horse grows an adequate coat for your climate and you can provide him with shelter, as well as with plenty of hay. You'll need to check your horse regularly to make sure he's not too cold, but the same is true of blanketed horses.


If you do blanket your horse, you'll need to be prepared to deal with blanket headaches. If they get wet and freeze, they're difficult to remove, and you'll need to dry out wet blankets before you can put them on your horse again. In order to minimize the chance of your horse escaping from his blanket, always make sure that it's properly adjusted.

Do you choose to blanket your horse, or let him go au natural? Tell us in the comments below. 


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