Your Horse Can Take Its Own Bath in the Sprinkler

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you're tired of bathing your muddy horse, then just set up a sprinkler in his pasture and let him bathe himself!

Sometimes it seems absolutely impossible to keep your horse clean. No matter what you do, he goes and rolls in the mud or sand and gets himself filthy as soon as you turn him out. And if you have a horse who loves to roll in mud puddles, then you know how futile your efforts at bathing your horse may be.

But now there's a solution: A sprinkler.

You see, it's simple. Just set up a sprinkler in your horse's pasture and turn it on while your horse is turned out. The horse in this video just can't seem to resist the sprinkler, and through his curiosity he effectively bathes himself.

No more bath time, no more scrubbing and rinsing and getting yourself filthy in the process. Now, the chore of bathing is left up to your horse.

Okay, so maybe a sprinkler bath isn't quite as effective as a real shampoo-and-scrub bath is. If you're preparing your horse for a show or a photo shoot, then a real bath is probably necessary. Want to get your horse extra-clean? First, use a quality shampoo and be sure to follow the directions on the bottle. Dilute the shampoo appropriately, and pour the shampoo into a bucket as you're filling the bucket with water to generate plenty of suds.

Next, use a soft absorbent sponge to lather the shampoo up on your horse's body. Soft sponges hold more water and shampoo than firmer sponges do. Be sure to really scrub your horse to get the dirt and stains out of his coat. If your horse is really dirty, it may be worth it to wash him twice.

Lastly, don't forget to thoroughly rinse your horse. Leaving shampoo in your horse's coat will make his skin itchy and irritated, so he's even more likely to roll around on the ground in order to relieve the itch.

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Your Horse Can Take Its Own Bath in the Sprinkler