This Horse Can Line Dance Better Than Most People

Posted by Paige Cerulli

While many horses are talented in disciplines like show jumping or reining, this horse is uniquely talented - he can line dance. 

When people talk of dancing with horses, they're usually referencing dressage or even liberty work. But in this case, dancing with your horse takes on a whole new meaning. Because this talented horse can truly dance, and holds his own in a line dance formation.

We'll bet that the audience never saw this demonstration coming, but the horse does great. He stays in time, stays in formation, and executes the dance steps just about as well as the dancers on foot do.

The horse's rider is clearly skilled in communicating well with him, and he's responsive to her requests. This amounts to an entertaining and one-of-a-kind line dance.

While you can see that the horse seems to grow a bit impatient during the dance, many horses seem to enjoy music (though they don't frequently dance to it). Racetrack grooms often whistle or sing to their horses to help soothe and relax them. Some barns also leave music playing while horses are in their stalls. In particular, classical and country music are regarded as being relaxing and enjoyable to horses.

If you want to play music while you ride, then make sure that you use exterior speakers of some sort. If your arena has an audio system, you may be able to broadcast music as you ride. Just avoid using ear buds or headphones, since these can impair your ability to hear other important sounds, like an approaching vehicle or another horse.

You may also decide to play music in the barn. If you play music in the barn, then position a stereo well out of any horse's reach. Connect it to a surge protector and unplug the stereo when you're not in the barn, just to be safe.

Does your horse have any special talents like the one in this video?

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This Horse Can Line Dance Better Than Most People