Texas Horse Breeder Sells Prized Horse in Order to Pay for Her Own Funeral

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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"Last Wishes" via GoFundMe

For a horse breeder, selling a prized horse is heartbreaking. It's even more difficult when you're selling that horse to pay for your own funeral. 

Horse breeder Melanie Koch treated her horses as her children. She bred several horses which went on to world competitions. And though Melanie would never pick favorites, some of the horses she bred were just of a higher quality than others. Roxie is one of those mares.

Roxie, a Quarter Horse mare, has the makings of a champion barrel racer. When Rosie Aschenbrenner first met the mare, she fell in love with her immediately. Melanie was thrilled to know that Roxie would be going to such a great home with Rosie, who could bring out her barrel racing potential. And if you're going to be forced to sell a horse, it's best to know that the horse is going to a great home.

You see, Melanie depended on Roxie's sale to pay for her own funeral expenses.

Melanie was diagnosed with terminal cancer a short seven months ago. She'd written up her aches and pains to aging, and didn't go to the doctor until it was too late. Suddenly, rather than cleaning the barn and working with her horses, Melanie was at work planning her own funeral. And that's when she discovered that she didn't have the money to pay for it.

"You know, I was in denial at first, you know I'm going to get better, the medicine they have and everything," she said. "Well, it's not going to happen...it's just not going to happen. I've accepted this now. So it's time to make the arrangements."

"Last Wishes" via GoFundMe

So, Melanie put Roxie up for sale, and luckily enough, Rosie from Oak Point Ranch in Plano, Texas, came along and connected with the mare. Rosie didn't have all of the money required to purchase Roxie, but Melanie also didn't have time to wait. So, Rosie and her friends created a GoFundMe page for Melanie in order to raise enough money to cover Melanie's funeral costs and outstanding medical bills.

Melanie passed away on Friday, February 10 but the GoFundMe page has exceeded its $10,000 goal. The funds will help to ease the financial worries of Melanie's family during this difficult time.

And as for Roxie? She and Rosie will take on the barrel racing world. And we bet that somehow, somewhere, Melanie will be watching every race.

What do you think of this heart-wrenching story? Let us know in the comments below. 

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Texas Horse Breeder Sells Prized Horse in Order to Pay for Her Own Funeral