Horse Becomes Master of Unlocking All Things in the Stable

Posted by Allie Layos

This Houdini-like horse hasn't met a door or lock that she can't master. 

Anyone who grew up loving horses in the '90s probably remembers a scene from the hit movie "Black Beauty" in which the mischievous pony Merrylegs trots into the stable courtyard and unlocks many of the Dutch doors, freeing the horses inside, while the movie's namesake, Beauty, tosses his head and bites helplessly at his own lock, calling out, "Mine too! Open mine too!"

Merrylegs may have seemed like the ultimate prankster in this scene, but this real life horse named Mariska may top his skills in the Houdini department. A beautiful black Friesian horse, not only can she unlatch Dutch doors, she can work doors, locks, latches, and containers of all kinds.

Check out her technique below.

It's clear: if Merrylegs had Mariska to help him, they would have had enough time to free Beauty, too, no problem.

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