Memorial Bracelets: Remember a Pet While Supporting Shelters

Posted by Amber King

Wear your heart on your wrist with this limited edition memorial bracelet.

When your dog passes away, he takes a piece of your heart with him. Losing a pet is like losing a family member, and you grieve in the same way.

There's no way to replace the special bond you shared with your dog, but you can memorialize their life while also contributing to the lives and well-being of shelter dogs in need.

Memorial_Bracelet_V1iHeartdogs has designed a memorial bracelet to honor your beloved pooch while feeding 22 shelter dogs. The symbolic bracelet features 22 white agate beads, each representing a shelter dog that will receive a meal thanks to your purchase. One paw print bead symbolizes the mark your gone-but-never-forgotten pooch made on your life, and one heart bead is the piece of your heart that they took with them.

The bracelets are eight inches of stretchable elastic to fit almost all pet lovers. When you make your order, your bracelet will arrive in a burlap drawstring bag with an "All Dogs Matter" postcard describing the shelter dog feeding program. The program partners with Rescue Bank to feed shelter dogs all across the nation.


Many of the dogs that benefit from the program are at small non-profit shelters with limited resources.

As of April 2016,  the program has provided over 434,973 meals to hungry shelter dogs. That's an impressive number, but there are millions of shelter dogs that still need your help.


If your pup has recently passed away, there's no better way to honor their memory. These bracelets also make exceptional gifts for friends and loved ones grieving the loss of a family pet.

These memorial bracelets are being offered for a limited time only, so don't hesitate to make your order. All orders are shipped from Idaho and arrive within 7-10 days.

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Memorial Bracelets: Remember a Pet While Supporting Shelters