California Home Intruder Actually Turns out to Be Pretty Cuddly

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images: Sonoma Sheriff via Facebook

When the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office in California responded to a call about a home intruder, the intruder they found wasn't quite who they were expecting.

Earlier this month, the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office in California received a phone call from an alarmed man. The man could hear a home intruder in his house, and requested that the police come out immediately to investigate. But when the police arrived on the scene, that home intruder wasn't quite who they were expecting.

The man, an 18-year-old, was home alone with his dogs one night when he heard noises coming from a room in the home. The dogs started barking, panicked. The young man quickly rounded up his dogs and put them in a room so that they wouldn't encounter the intruder. Then, the quick-thinking man called the police.

Police officers arrived quickly and some began to search the house while others remained outside and shone their flashlights on the home to catch the intruder if he tried to escape. One officer, who was standing outside the home on the front lawn, heard scratching coming from above him. He shone his light up toward the roof and discovered the "intruder" was looking right back at him.



It turns out that the intruder was actually the man's Great Dane. The man had failed to notice that the dog wasn't in the room with his other dogs in all of the panic. Apparently the Great Dane had snuck upstairs to a room where he knew he could stick his head out of the skylight. The other dogs grew upset because they couldn't get to him, and the intruder noises were actually the Great Dane working his way through the skylight.

The officers had a good laugh when they discovered the intruder's identity. We'll bet that the man was quite happy to learn that the only intruder in his home was his dog getting himself into a place where he wasn't supposed to be.

All images: Sonoma Sheriff via Facebook

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