26 Awkward Family Christmas Photos with Pets

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Christmas is here, and that means awkward family photos are back.

It's that time of year again. Christmas cards are filling mailboxes, but it's the awkward family photos that bring us the most joy. Especially when pets are involved.

Because awkward family photos never get old, we've thrown together a montage of Christmas delights to inspire your holiday photo shoot in front of the fireplace this year.

Just don't forget to include Fluffy and Spot.

When Santa brought you a camel instead of a horse for Christmas.

When someone thought this was a good idea and the dog was just sitting there silently laughing.

Uuuuummm... 😳 #awkwardchristmasphoto #christmas #letstakeabath #nottoosure #day9

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When you're thankful for a second attempt because the first one is a disaster.

Makes me LOL every time. Sorry Mary 😂😂 #tbt #awkwardchristmasphoto

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When this happened.

Merry merry.

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When your life is complete with just you, the dog, and the jolly man in red.

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When this is what everyone hears when you tell them to cooperate.

#awkwardchristmasphoto #bealgebomb #sisterwives

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When only some of you are Photoshopped, but it's too hard to tell who.

When you're ready for the camera, but your cat just wants out. Like right meow.

When you all do that Christmas-morning-in-PJs photo but the canines steal the show.

When it's a toss up who has the better sweater, the humans or the dogs.

When everyone is all smiles except Ralph. Come on, Ralph.

Merry Christmas from the Sangsters! #christmas2015 #awkwardchristmasphoto #merrychristmas #strongsangster

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When you realize there's one in every group, and your dog is the one.

Glædelig jul fra Tingvej 🎄❤️ #matchingsweaters #juletvillinger #ligetiljulekortet #awkwardchristmasphoto

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When you nail the "look into the distance" pose.

When the family Christmas card is just your kids this year... and your kids have four legs and bark.

When the dog checked out a long time ago.

Merry Christmas! #boyfriend #awkwardchristmasphoto #mylove #werecute #alpha #love

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When you thought this was cute but 30 years later you're like, that turtleneck, that vest...

Merry Christmas everyone!! #AwkwardChristmasPhoto #BernsteinChristmas

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When you discover the ferrets fit perfectly in your stockings.

A ferret in the Christmas stocking. #christmasferret #ferret #xmas #cheekyferret

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Tis the Season

Tis the season

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When Santa showed up and no one was expecting him.

When you look adorable but the cat is plotting his escape.

Trying to take a family picture but peters to busy trying to kill the cat. #holidayspirit #awkwardchristmasphoto #poorkitty

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When you almost forgot to include the dog but he made sure that didn't happen.

When one dog gets antlers and the other gets antennae so tensions are a little ruff.

Merry Christmas ❤️🎄🎅🎁 @bella_areias

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When your parents want a photo of all the kids so you deliver in style.

When someone always has their eyes closed.

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When even Kelly Clarkson's clan participates.

I loved meeting @floppybear on the #amazon commercial shoot! He's so sweet!

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When the dog is bugging out but this is the only chance you've got so smile everybody.

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So much awkwardness, we're not sure if we should laugh or be doing the awkward turtle hand motion.

We're doing both.

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26 Awkward Family Christmas Photos with Pets