10 Best Products from Bret Michaels' Pets Rock Dog Line

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Bret Michaels

Did you know that Bret Michaels has a dog line?

Pets Rock is a line of dog toys and attire created exclusively by rock legend Bret Michaels. Michaels started the line for PetSmart back in 2012 when he realized that some of his dog toy ideas really worked.

He told VetStreet:

"It started when I made stuff for my dogs that I thought was funny. I made a ball with bandanna material that I could throw. My two German Shepherds were going crazy playing with the stuff. I made the Pets Rock line very fun. It's music-oriented -- but not just rock 'n' roll. I'm also a huge fan of country music, so I kind of call it the rock in my country collection. We've already designed everything for Halloween and Christmas!"

Pets Rock toys and attire all have a country-rock flair from camo rope toys to Western shirts.

If you have a dog owner in your life who is just a little bit country, here are some 10 of the best products from the legend's dog line.

Rock on, puppers.

Pets Rock Western Shirt

Any pooch representing their Southern roots needs to be rockin' this around the holidays, or year-round really. This getup costs $29.99 and will infuse a little Poison into your dog's music taste.

Brett Michaels dog tshirt

Bret Michaels Pets Rock Studded Dog Collar

Your dog may be a Chihuahua but that doesn't mean she can't look a little rock-n-roll. This studded collar will prove to anyone that your dog belongs in the '80s and can live life on the edge.

This collar costs $21.99 but comes with some status points.

studded collar

Pets Rock By Bret Michaels Green Camo With Paw Print Dog Sweater

This camo sweater is exactly what your dog needs on that hunting trip to the cabin. He may not be leaving the spot in front of the fire but he knows how to look the part.

This cozy number is only $18.99 and makes a great gift for those who know that camo is sometimes a fashion statement.

camo dog sweater

Pets Rock Holiday Stripe Skull Bandana Nylon Collar 

For the pooch who rocks hard but also loves Christmas, this bandana is a staple. Costing only $12.99, your dog can be the star of the party.

dog bandana

Bret Michaels Pets Rock! Fancy Santa DOG or CAT Dress!

Your little pupper may be a princess at heart but she also loves that song "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." This little rocker dress is perfect at only $14.99.

It says it's for cats too so that's a challenge to try to get your kitty to tolerate this hot number.

Bret Michaels Pets Rock! Fancy Santa DOG or CAT Dress! So Cute! (Size -Xs)

Bret Michaels Pets Rock Brown Leather Collar Size

Your dog can match your late '80s style as you both rock your leatherwear. You can also reminisce about the rise of glam rock as your pooch struts his stuff.

Costing only $9.99, it's a small price to pay for true rock n' roll style.

leather collar

Bret Michaels Pets Rock™ Camo Ballastic Boar Dog Toy - Squeaker

For the dog who needs to feel like he's part of the hunting team, Bret Michaels designed this little moose toy that's, of course, in camo. A basket full of these will tell everyone your dog is a sporting dog at heart or just taking a break from the real game.


Bret Michaels Pets Rock™ Spiked Ring Dog Toy

If your dog is really more metal than country then this toy is the one for him. At $29.97 this toy looks indestructible, like his heart.  

Bret Michaels Pets Rock™ Spiked Ring Dog Toy

Bret Michaels Pets Rock™ Camo Dumbbell Dog Toy

This toy looks like it could be some dog's favorite, and of course it's camo. It's only $2.97 and looks like it could withstand some rough tug-of-war!


Bret Michaels Holiday Xmas Tree Fireplace Hoodie

Here's a Bret Michaels creation that shows he has a softer side. Your dog may be a rockstar but that doesn't mean he's a scrooge who doesn't enjoy laying in front of the fire while the snow falls past the window.

Keep your dog cozy this winter with this hoodie for $7.75.

Bret Michaels Holiday Xmas Tree Fireplace Hoodie MediumThe "Rock of Love" star has shown his love for four-leggeds with his pet collection. If you or someone you know is a big Poison fan or just really wants their dog dressed up in some rockin' attire, get shopping!

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10 Best Products from Bret Michaels' Pets Rock Dog Line