The Holiday Feast with Shelter Pets That We Wish We Were Invited To

Posted by Mateja Lane
holiday feast

This group looks like way more fun than your own family...

Although, they do tend to have their similarities. Like the sullen teenager always on their phone. Or the drunk aunt slyly taking sips out of her flask. Or the cousin that just goes on and on about how unfair her job is.

These dogs are actually exactly like the real thing...but maybe it's the puppy eyes that make them more likable than your own family.

This holiday feast was organized and produced by Fresh Pet, a pet food company dedicated to making healthy, natural dog and cat food and treats.

The company wanted to prove how much we consider out pets as part of the family. And what better way than to literally put dogs and cats at the table for a holiday feast like our family members. But it wasn't easy!

Putting this dinner party together was like... herding cats and dogs.

Freshpet partnered with the Humane Society of Utah to feature adoptable dogs and cats in their commercial. And while getting together 15 dogs and a cat in a room together can get a little crazy, all the shelter pets were very well behaved. The pets were all up for adoption and Freshpet agreed to pay for each of their adoption fees.

Each of the dogs, and the cat, have their own personality at the dinner table and the result is the best holiday get together.

Happy Holidays!

Is this dinner better than your own family holiday dinners? Let us know in the comments. 

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The Holiday Feast with Shelter Pets That We Wish We Were Invited To