Himalayan Chews: Nutritious Treats for Dogs

Posted by Kat Tretina
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As we learn more about dog nutrition and the problems with many common dog foods and treats, owners are becoming savvier about what kind of chews they should give their pets.

Rawhide, recall issues, and other problems make some of the most common snacks for dogs unhealthy or even dangerous. Himalayan Dog Chews are getting more attention as nutritious treats and are a good alternative to the usual choices. 

Puppy with Himalayan Chews

What Are Himalayan Dog Chews?

Chewing is essential for dogs. It helps them relieve boredom, prevents them from becoming destructive, and cleans their teeth. Himalayan bars are an excellent option for heavy chewers. They are healthy treats that are all-natural and can keep your pet entertained for hours.

Himalayan dog treats are based on a hard cheese created by the people of Himalayas. Made with yak milk, a little salt, and a dash of lime juice, there are no preservatives or additives. They are also completely free of any grain or gluten.

The hard bars are tasty for pets, but they need to work at it for quite some time to soften the cheese, so it can keep them occupied. It's a great snack to leave behind when you go to work.

Sleepy puppy after Himalayan Chews

Are the Small Pieces Dangerous?

Many people worry about the Himalayan bar once the dog has worked it down to a small chunk. Owners worry about the dog choking on such a little treat. Luckily, you can still use the piece and not have to throw it away.

Take what is left of the chew and put it in the microwave for 30-60 seconds. It will puff up double or triple its size, resembling a biscuit. Allow it to cool completely and then give it to your pup. It's a different texture than the regular chew but has all of the same flavor, and dogs love eating the puffed cheese.

If you're looking for a natural and healthy snack to replace your dog's usual bones, Himalayan Dog Chews are a safe and natural choice. Giving your dog a Himalayan snack will help them stay occupied, burn off excess energy and promotes healthy teeth.

Himalayan treats can be found at major pet retailers, pet boutiques, and even on Amazon. Different sizes are available to meet your dog's needs.

All images via HimalayanDogChew.com

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Himalayan Chews: Nutritious Treats for Dogs