Hilarious Thai Bathroom Design Commercial Employs Gangster Cats

Posted by Stacey Venzel
thai cat commercial

In a two-minute commercial for a bathroom remodeling company, a team of savvy cats unite to fight bath time.

Humans have long been aware of the feline hatred of baths. Cats usually do a decent enough job cleaning themselves, so they get a little testy with the humans when a bath is in the picture.

These Thai cats scatter when the owner comes to gather the felines up for a bath. When they regroup, they take an oath to never let a bath happen again. But when they go to destroy the bathroom, they find a surprise behind the closed door that changes their opinion about getting shampooed.

See for yourself.

The commercial is over two minutes long, but the creative masterminds behind it succeeded in garnering our full attention when they hired cats to showcase home remodeling.

Cotto Studio says they can design a new bathroom according to any of your (or your cat's) specifications.

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Hilarious Thai Bathroom Design Commercial Employs Gangster Cats