Hilarious Newfoundland Can't Hide His Obvious Guilt

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When Ralphie the Newfoundland is asked about what he's been up to during the day, he can't hide how guilty he's feeling.

Dogs usually know when they've done something wrong, and some dogs can't help but show their guilt. Ralphie the Newfoundland is one of those dogs. When his owner asks him about what he's been up to during the day, his face reveals just how guilty he's feeling. If we didn't know better, we'd think he understands every single word that his owner is saying.

Clearly Ralphie has been playing with toys that he shouldn't have. And when his owner asks him about those toys, Ralphie knows he's done wrong.

You have to see this guilty pup!

Ralphie's really, really sorry. He makes that pretty obvious, and we bet he won't be chewing on those toys again, at least not in the next day or so. After that, all bets are off!

A bit of chewing comes with the territory when you have a puppy or young dog. If your puppy is chewing things that he shouldn't be, he could be teething. You can provide your dog with chilled dog toys or dog chews to chew on to help with the pain of teething.

If your older dog is getting into things he shouldn't, then you'll need to take some additional preventative steps. The first is to make sure that the dog realizes he's not allowed to chew on the items. Removing smaller items, like shoes, and keeping them in a room where your dog can't go is one way to control the chewing.

But if your dog is chewing larger items, like furniture, then you'll need to be vigilant in your training. The only way to train your dog is to catch him in the act, so get your whole family in on the training. There are also furniture sprays that taste unpleasant to dogs; these can help to stop his chewing.

Ralphie the Newfoundland definitely knows that he's not supposed to chew on those toys, but sometimes toys are just too tempting. Can we really blame him?

What do you think of Ralphie? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Hilarious Newfoundland Can't Hide His Obvious Guilt