High School Senior Gets to Graduate with Faithful Diabetes Service Dog by His Side

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service dog at graduation
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When Tyler graduated high school, he knew that he needed to have his diabetes service dog by his side during the ceremony. 

High school senior Tyler McCready had his service dog, Sinatra, by his side every day during school since the 10th grade. When you think about it, Sinatra attended nearly just as many high school classes as Tyler did. So it was only fitting that when Tyler graduated, Sinatra walked right by his side in the ceremony.

dog at graduationdog at graduationdog and boy

Sinatra is a diabetes service dog. Tyler, who has type-1 diabetes, has Sinatra alongside to help alert him when his blood sugar gets too low. It's not always easy for Tyler to tell, and a few years ago Tyler even began to fall into a coma because of his blood sugar levels.

service dog and boy

Sinatra, who is specially trained to detect Tyler's blood sugar levels, stays by his side so that he can alert him if there's trouble. He's saved his owner's life hundreds of times as a result.

But Sinatra has helped Tyler in other ways, too. Before meeting Sinatra, Tyler dealt with depression. He felt like an outcast because of his medical issues. He even contemplated suicide.

service dog and football player

Meeting Sinatra helped to turn Tyler's life around. He's more independent and is safer overall with Sinatra's careful monitoring. Sinatra quickly became a best friend to Tyler and was able to provide him with emotional support.

Sinatra has attended every class with Tyler since he got the dog during the 10th grade. The dog even has a place in the yearbook.

dog in yearbook

And now, Sinatra himself is a high school graduate. He got his own cap and gown and walked with Tyler during the ceremony. When Tyler's name was called to receive his diploma, he and Sinatra got a huge round of applause.

dog at graduationdog at graduation

Though Tyler isn't quite sure what the future after high school holds for him, he knows one thing: He has his best friend by his side, no matter what happens.

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Images via TylerandSinatra/Facebook

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High School Senior Gets to Graduate with Faithful Diabetes Service Dog by His Side