Hey Single Men, Cat Photos Will Get You More Dates, Seriously

Posted by Amber King
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There are more cat owners than ever before, and that can only mean one thing--better dating profile pictures.

According to The Sun, it's finally time for male cat owners to shed those typical stereotypes and smile for the camera...with their cat. Dating experts say posing with a cat in your profile picture is an effective way to change your romantic life for the better. Both women and men seem to be defenseless to the charms of fellow cat lovers, and including your cat in your profile picture may help you attract new dates.

This is good news, because the Pet Food Manufacturers' Association recently reported that "the number of pet cats in the UK rose by 500,000 over the past year."

Young single men account for a sizable percentage of that number, and it's no longer seen as taboo to be both single and a cat owner.

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People are connecting over their shared love of felines, and showing off a cute kitty is always a good way to grab someone's attention. Social media users have accepted the trend and taken posing with cats beyond the Internet dating scene.

On Instagram, the #hotdudeswithkittens feed is full of men not ashamed to show off their cat relationships.

The sexy trend serves as a valuable PR method for cats of all kinds. The more handsome men flaunting their felines, the more people will want to adopt cats of their own. It's a positive situation for everyone involved.

Men get to express their love for cats, women easily find dates with whom they have something in common, and cats show off how cute they are so people will start adopting their homeless friends.

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No longer does owning a cat (or two) represent chronic singleness. It could be your key to changing your relationship status for good.

Would you include your cat in your profile picture? Let us know in the comments.

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Hey Single Men, Cat Photos Will Get You More Dates, Seriously