'500 Miles' Is a Short Film About Heroes and Horses

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What happens when you match up some of the toughest horses on earth with some of the toughest humans on earth?

Heroes and Horses adopted 15 wild horses from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and gentled them in three months.

Once the mustangs were gentled, each horse was matched to a veteran. The veterans then rode the horses from New Mexico to Arizona. All of the action was shot and edited in a short film titled "500 Miles."

500 mile film
Photo: Heroes and Horses

The Heroes and Horses Program

This veteran rehabilitation program focuses first on getting veterans ready to ride and care for horses, and then moves on to pack-style mounted expeditions - teaching wilderness survival skills, horsemanship, farrier skills, ranching, and other challenging skills.

Many of the instructors are former veterans who understand and have personally experienced the adjustment to "normal civilian life" and some of the challenges of being a veteran, including suffering from PTSD.  

According to one of the film's narrators:

"Just because you do good things for people or just because you served your country doesn't mean that life is going to be good to you. A lot of guys think hey just because I joined the military now all of a sudden everybody owes me something but they need to realize that they owe themselves." 

BLM mustangs and veterans
Screenshot from "500 Miles"

The Results

Team building, leadership, rehabilitation, life, and empowerment skills are the results of the program.

Micah Fink on the Heroes and Horses website says:

"We are not defined by our many scars, but by what we do after the wounds close."

What It Means for You?

"500 Miles" is a short film about horses and combat veterans in the remote wilderness, but it is also a story about challenge, perseverance, grit, and purpose. In a way, we all have our own 500: our own obstacles and our own struggles to define who we are and how and what we live for.

To share your own story, click here to learn how you can tell Heroes and Horses "What's Your 500?" 

500 mile project
Screenshot from "500 Miles"

Watch and Share

Like what you saw? Support Heroes and Horses non-profit organization with a donation or by getting them an item off their Christmas list. You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook page, or Vimeo.

What did you like best about the short film? What do you think of the "500 Miles" project? Let us know in the comments below!

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'500 Miles' Is a Short Film About Heroes and Horses