Hero Dog Rummaging Through Trash Finds Puppy Presumably Thrown Away

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dog holding puppy in mouth
All images courtesy of Facebook/Marco Antonio Rodrigues via The Dodo

In Novo Horizonte, Brazil, it's not uncommon to see dogs rummaging through trash piles for scraps.

That's why a local police officer thought nothing of it when he saw his neighbor's dog nosing through some garbage bags on the street, ready for collection.

When the officer passed by the same spot a bit later, his neighbor's dog was still there, but something was different. The dog was holding something in her mouth.

dog holding puppy in mouth

At first, it looked like she was holding a dead kitten. However, a closer look revealed that what she was holding was neither dead, nor feline. Rather, she was holding a live puppy that she'd rescued from the trash pile.

dog smiling at camera with puppy in box

Shocked, the officer immediately contacted Marco Antonio Rodrigues, a local animal rescuer, for help. While the officer waited, he allowed the dog to watch over her tiny rescued treasure.

new puppy

"She played the most important role by saving the puppy," Rodrigues wrote in an online post about the dog's heroic actions.

Unfortunately, the dog who found the puppy was not producing milk, so Rodrigues turned to Facebook for help finding the puppy a foster mom.

nursing dog

Soon, someone with a nursing mama dog came forward and agreed to foster the puppy.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the person who dumped the puppy in the trash will ever be found and brought to justice. However, thanks to the heroic actions of one dog and the mothering of another, the rescued puppy's future looks bright.

black and white puppy

"One dog found the puppy in the trash and another is being his mom...What a beautiful thing!" Rodrigues wrote.

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All images courtesy of Facebook/Marco Antonio Rodrigues via The Dodo.

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