Here's What 'Stranger Things' Would Be Like with Hamsters

Posted by Allie Layos
Stranger Things

This ridiculously adorable version of the Netflix show "Stranger Things" might just beat the original because #hamsters. 

Since Netflix released its original show "Stranger Things" on July 15, it has been an immediate success. The show centers around a small town, a missing boy, and the family and friends who are trying to solve the mystery of his disappearance. It quickly becomes apparent that this series no ordinary missing person's case, as the other-worldly theme music might suggest.

The show is engaging, funny, sometimes touching, and just spooky enough to thrill those who want to be spooked. So what could make it better? Only a cast of hamsters.

This version of "Stranger Things," known as "Hamster Things," due to hamsters taking on all the starring roles, might just beat the original. Check it out below.

It is an impressive achievement. The makers of "Hamster Things" have somehow achieved the same mood and ambiance found in the original show, but use hamsters instead of the show's all-star cast.

Better yet, all of the hamster actors are rescue hamsters, so animal lovers can rest easy knowing these previously neglected pets got their chance to shine.

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Here's What 'Stranger Things' Would Be Like with Hamsters