Here's What Life Looks Like...From a Husky-Eye View

Posted by TF Oren

Have you ever wondered what life looks like from a dog's point of view?

Wonder no more.

A Husky named Memphis had a GoPro HERO4 Session attached to her harness as she was turned loose on the beach with a couple of her pals.

Watch as Memphis takes a swim and enjoys an afternoon at the beach, but be warned, you'll probably resent your humanness a little after watching this. The Husky life looks pretty sweet.

Kinda makes you wish you were a dog, right?

We agree.

Oh well, at least there's technology around to help us play "what if?"


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What do you think of life from a Husky-eye view? Let us know in the comments section!

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Here's What Life Looks Like...From a Husky-Eye View