Sneak Peek into What Kittens Do All Night

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Thanks to a night vision camera, we finally know just what kittens do all night, and it makes for a cute and super fun video. 

It's 2 a.m. and there's a sudden crash from your living room. Then, you hear the sound of papers being knocked over, and - is that the dog's toy being chased across the floor? You might think that you have a home intruder, but if you have kittens, there's no need to worry. This is what kittens do all night.

Chris Poole, owner of cat celebrities Cole and Marmalade, recently had the chance to foster four kittens that were rescued from an abandoned building. The kittens are still afraid of people, but they're coming around, and their playful sides are beginning to show. Chris set up a night vision camera to capture just what kittens do all night, and it's super entertaining.

Take a look at these adorable kittens' antics.

If you've ever wondered what kittens do all night, well, here's your answer. They get up to all sorts of trouble and mischief! Thankfully these kittens were secured in a crate and had plenty of toys (and each other) to keep them entertained. It's fun to see these kittens practicing their pouncing skills and exploring their new cat toys.


This video drives home an important message, though - even though we might think that kittens go to sleep when we do, they can actually be really active. If you have a new kitten, it's important to go through and cat-proof your house. You might also want to keep the kitten contained in a room or in a portion of the house so they can't get up to too much trouble when you're not around to supervise.

If you plan on getting some sleep, pick up some cat toys that don't have bells or squeakers. You can give these to your kitten at nighttime to help minimize the amount of noise that he makes.

When your cat was a kitten, did (s)he act totally crazy at night? Tell us in the comments below. 

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Sneak Peek into What Kittens Do All Night