Here's What Happens When You Put Catnip in Bubbles

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When you put catnip in bubbles, the results are just as much fun as you'd expect, according to Cole and Marmalade. 

Does your cat love catnip? Like, really really love catnip? Then we have a treat for you. Because when you put catnip in bubbles, things get real fun in your house, real fast.

Cole and Marmalade have been kind enough to test out catnip bubbles just for us, and it looks like they're a hit. Not only is there the challenge of catching these magical floating bubbles, but there's quite a tasty reward when they do catch them. And as the catnip starts to kick in, those bubbles start to look ever more special, and the whole play session is just the best thing ever. Right?

Well, let Cole and Marmalade tell you what they think.

Now, before you go mixing catnip into any old bubble solution, don't. Bubbles are essentially soap, and encouraging your cat to catch and try to eat them will result in some pretty upset kitty tummies. Instead, there are countless varieties of catnip bubbles ready for purchase. They're safe for your cats and are reasonably priced, too.

You can even get them on Amazon.

Like any new toy, it might take your cat a little bit of time to figure out the fun in catnip bubbles. Start by letting your cat get a scent of the bubble mixture, and blow just a bubble or two until your cat learns that they're harmless and even fun. Then, let the bubbles fly and watch your cat have a great time!

Have you tried catnip bubbles? Tell us in the comments below!

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Here's What Happens When You Put Catnip in Bubbles