Here's the Truth About Ponies and Trailer Loading

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Watching Buck the pony reminds us of just what a challenge ponies and trailer loading can be. 

If you've ever tried to get a stubborn pony to load onto a trailer, then you know just why "pony" is a four-letter word. Ponies are crafty, smart, and a little too strong-willed sometimes, and ponies and trailer loading can be a bad combination. This video captures the very truth of that.

Meet Buck the pony. Buck has a penchant for food - well, doesn't every pony? - and he really doesn't enjoy trailer loading. In fact, getting Buck into a horse trailer proves incredibly difficult, despite his small size. His frustrated owner tries everything, but, just need to see for yourself.

Make sure your volume's turned up, and please be sure to watch until the end!

Alright, so maybe Buck isn't the bratty pony that we thought he was. In fact, he's a pretty darn awesome pony with great training!

Though Buck may know how to self load, many horses and ponies hate trailer loading. It's well worth the time to work on training your horse to load onto a trailer well, especially if you ever have to evacuate or take your horse to a veterinary hospital.

Teaching a horse to load onto a trailer takes time and consistency. It also takes a bit of training know-how. If you don't know how to train a horse to load, then find a trainer who's experienced in this area to help you. Be sure to take things slow and reward your horse for each bit of progress he makes.

One more bit of advice - when teaching your horse to load, PLEASE please please make sure that your trailer is hitched to a truck. Loading a horse into an empty trailer can unbalance the trailer, causing it to roll with you and the horse in it. Only work with a hitched trailer to ensure the safety of you both.

How well does your horse load into a trailer? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Here's the Truth About Ponies and Trailer Loading