Here's Just How English Saddles Are Made

Posted by Paige Cerulli

If you've ever wondered what went into the creation of your saddle, then you'll want to check out this video which details just how english saddles are made. 

If you've been riding for a few years or more, then you know how important a well-made, well-balanced saddle is to your balance and security on your horse. A handcrafted saddle is the result of many hours of work, and it needs to be perfect in order to support the rider and properly distribute their weight over their horse's back.

English saddles are made from many components, and they all have to go together correctly in order to make a quality saddle.

This video provides a fascinating look into the process of making english saddles from start to finish. You'll get a great look at how a saddle tree is made, and how many layers of foam and padding go into making the seat and the knee rolls.

Learn how saddles are stitched together, how the gullet is sized, and just how the saddler flocks the saddle with the right amount of material.

The video above shows the creation of a custom saddle sized exactly to the needs of a particular horse and rider. Custom saddles fit like a glove, and while they're more expensive than your average off-the-rack saddle, they're well worth the investment. Depending on your horse's conformation, a custom-built saddle may be a necessity, especially if your horse has unusual muscling or other physical issues affecting his back.

Many horses can be comfortable in saddles which aren't custom made. When buying a saddle for your horse, it's important to test ride the saddle and to make sure that it fits your horse well. It's unlikely that you'll find a saddle which immediately fits your horse perfectly, but if you buy a wool-flocked saddle, you can have the flocking adjusted to better fit your horse. You can also buy various saddle pads designed to improve a saddle's fit.

If you're thinking about buying an english saddle or are unsure about your saddle's fit, the best thing to do is consult a professional saddle fitter who can help you on your journey.

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Here's Just How English Saddles Are Made