Here's What Happens When You Put Cats in Sweaters

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Cats look cute in sweaters, but they seem to have trouble walking in them.

Humans love a good pet costume. Toss a sweater on an animal and it somehow makes the pet ever cuter, which we didn't even think was possible. But just because people like dressing up their pets doesn't mean the animals like it!

Have you ever seen a cat in a sweater? They look adorable, and they also flop over when they try to walk! Watch this short video montage of cats in sweaters to see just how cute and funny they can be.

Why can't cats walk in sweaters? Felines don't take well to having something against their fur. For the most part, a cat's natural layers of fur keep it warm so sweaters aren't necessary. But if you have a Sphinx cat in Alaska, then a sweater might help keep your fur-less companion toasty.

Cats pausing in place or yanking at the clothing are likely uncomfortable in the outfit and you should remove it. When an animal seems to tolerate donning an article of clothing, make sure the costume doesn't restrict their ability to do daily activities, like walking, jumping, eating, or going to the bathroom.

If you choose to play dress up with your pet, especially a temperamental cat, move slowly. Don't stress out your pet. If your cat is really resisting the sweater, then let her be. There are plenty of other adorable opportunities to catch on film without upsetting your animal.

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Here's What Happens When You Put Cats in Sweaters