Here's an Entirely New Way to Bathe Your Horse

Posted by Paige Cerulli

The next time you bathe your horse, this video might give you a little inspiration on how to make the experience a bit more entertaining for you both.

Bathing your horse isn't the most entertaining of jobs. Usually you end up wetter and dirtier than the horse is, and if you don't have a wash rack handy, bathing a horse can be a real challenge. But the gents in this video show us an entirely new way to bathe your horse, and, to be honest, it's pretty hilarious.

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It's hard to describe this video, and it's one of those things that is best seen for yourself. So, take a look, and make sure that your volume is turned up!

Hoy toca ducha... 😜

Posted by Santí Serra Camps on Thursday, August 24, 2017

We love how much fun this pair has bathing their horses, and we've got to give them bonus points for creativity and their obvious joy. While probably not the safest thing in the world, this setup definitely makes bath time memorable.

Is your horse due for a bath? Horses actually don't need to be bathed nearly as often as many people think. In fact, bathing your horse too frequently can strip the natural oils from his coat, leaving it looking lackluster and dull. But sometimes, baths are necessary, especially when you're preparing for a horse show or another special event.

If you do have to bathe your horse, be sure to stay safe. It might be tempting to wear flip flops or some other form of water-friendly shoes, but opt for boots to keep your feet protected. Tie your horse with a breakaway tie in case of an emergency, and bathe your horse in a wash stall or other safe area.

How often do you bathe your horse? Tell us in the comments below.

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Here's an Entirely New Way to Bathe Your Horse