Here's a Different Way to Keep Your Puppy Occupied

Posted by Paige Cerulli

When you have a puppy in your home, you'll need plenty of ways to keep him entertained, but this might be the most creative option we've seen yet!

Having a puppy in your home can be wonderful. Puppies are adorable, fun, and full of energy. But they can also get into everything, and their energy can get a little out of hand, especially as they get older.

This chocolate Lab pup seems to really enjoy this baby swing. Baby swings are designed to rock babies to sleep with their constant, steady motion, and this Lab also finds the swing relaxing. Take a look at this cute video!

While you might not have a baby swing handy, there are still a number of ways that you can keep puppies entertained. Puppies love human interaction, so be sure to give puppies plenty of attention each day.

Taking your puppy for walks can help him to get rid of some extra energy, while also allowing him to explore new sights and smells. At home, you can give your puppy different types of toys to play with. If you have another dog, they can also help to keep puppies entertained.

When you're not immediately available to supervise your puppy, then you'll need to make sure that you keep him safe around the house. Puppies can get into just about anything, so you may want to use dog gates to keep sections of your house off-limits. Don't forget to pick up items that puppies might chew. You'll also want to make sure that all potentially hazardous items, like cleaning products and garbage, are secured away out of your puppy's reach.

Finally, think about using a crate to help train your puppy. Put a dog bed in the crate and teach your dog that the crate is a safe space which is all his own. When your dog enjoys the crate and feels secure inside it, it can be a useful way to ensure that he doesn't get into trouble when you're not home or around to supervise him.

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Here's a Different Way to Keep Your Puppy Occupied