Here Are the #UnexpectedDogGifts Instagram Contest Winners

Posted by Tori Holmes
Collage of #unexpecteddoggifts instagram contest winners

Find out what the winners of the #UnexpectedDogGifts Instagram contest think are the best gifts their dogs have ever given them.

Whether it's something sweet like meeting new friends and companionship or something stinky like poop or destroyed clothing, there's no denying that our dogs give gifts like no one else.

The hosts of Dognition's #UnexpectedDogGifts contest saw some amazing contest entries, which made their task of narrowing it down to the top three very challenging. So to all participants we give big congratulations! Now it's time to introduce the contest winners:

First Place - @50shadesofkipper

@50shadesofkipper's owner says that the best gift her pup has given her is the ability to bring people together. From the IG community to the rescue community to her neighborhood residents, Kipper has given his owner an amazing network of friends.

With their first place prize, Kipper and her family will receive five Dognition Gift Assessments to share with their ever-growing community.

Second Place - @jordyonpoint 

My #UnexpectedDogGifts to my humans? My separation anxiety. People always say it's a bad thing and my humans are always sad to leave me because I get so sad! But really it's just because I love them so much!! Every time they come home, I get so excited and give them the biggest hugs and so many kisses that they drown in my slobber! When they're home, I'm constantly a snuggle bug! (My nickname is Bug because of that!) I just always want to be with them. I even sleep between mom's legs at night. Their gift to me? They always make sure I know I'm loved and taken care of and that they always come home. Mom also gave me a blanket I snuggle with when she's gone. That way she's always with me ❤️ Mom also says my surprise of being a "bully" is a gift because we constantly show people how loving and sweet the breed is! - - Collar by @barxandblooms - - ?10% @pawsupwear - JORDY ?15% @badtags ( - JORDY ?15% @thehausofklaus - JORDY15 ?20% @innersparklepets - JORDY - - This is my entry for the #UnexpectedDogGifts contest hosted by @love.a.bull_diesel @pupsonpar @jaxandthepack

A photo posted by Female Brindle Pocket Staffy (@jordyonpoint) on

@jordyonpoint's gift is one that not everyone would appreciate: separation anxiety. This may sound like a strange gift, but Jordy's undying love for her owners means that she greets them with kisses and hugs when they arrive home and acts as their shadow whenever they go.

With their second place prize, Jordy and her owners will receive three Dognition Gift Assessments to share with their friends.

Third Place - @basilandella

Ella's #UnexpectedDogGift is constant vigilance and involvement. She's aware of everything, so she helps keep us in the present moment. She's always ready to go anywhere with you... Bathroom? Sure, she'll hang out! Kitchen to wash dishes? She's in! Loading some laundry? She's your right hand helper! She's watchful and is a great source to keep us off technology and involved in life itself, which is the most wonderful unexpected gift. #UnexpectedDogGifts hosted by @jaxandthepack @pupsonpar and @marloweandshakes . . #BasilAndElla #dogsofstpete #pupsinstpete #dogsofinstagram #puppiesofinstagram #ilovemydog #dog_features #petoftheday #dogoftheday #sisters #postyourpooch #purefloridapup #thepupcollection #instadog #muttsofinstagram #ilovemymutt #muttsfordays #buzzfeedanimals #puppygram #mixedbreed #dogfeatures #doglove #doglife #instadog #barkforce #mydogiscutest #husky_dingofolloweroftheweek #sendadogphoto #naughtyniceitried

A photo posted by Basil And Ella (@basilandella) on

 @basilandella's gift to her owners is her constant vigilance and involvement. When she's around, there's no chance you'll ever have to do something along. Whether you're making a trip to the bathroom or doing some laundry, Ella is right there at her owner's side.

With their third place prize of a Dognition Gift Assessment, Ella and her owner can spend some more quality together playing all of the Dognition assessment games.

Honorable Mentions


BeefyWells has helped her owners develop a network of friends all over the world. 


Bruce has given his family plenty of nice frozen bags of poop.


Frank helped heal his mom's heart after the loss of her first dog.

Congratulations again to all the winners, and thank you to everyone who entered - reading through the entries is a great reminder of just how much our dogs give to us every day.

This holiday season, take some time to thank your pup for everything they've given you - even the gifts you wish you could return (chewed up socks, anyone?).

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Here Are the #UnexpectedDogGifts Instagram Contest Winners