'Her Heart Is a Rodeo' Captures What It Means to Be a Cowgirl

Posted by Paige Cerulli
A barrel racer at a rodeo makes an explosive turn around one of the barrels, sending arena sand flying in all directions, as the athletic horse and its rider try to win the rodeo in front of a large crowd (black and white image).

With striking lyrics, "Her Heart Is a Rodeo" captures what it truly means to be a cowgirl. 

It takes something very special to be a cowgirl. You need grit, determination, and a hefty dose of horse sense. You can't be afraid of hard work, or of failing, and you and your horse? You have to know each other like the back of your hand. This song, "Her Heart Is a Rodeo," captures that perfectly.

From picking yourself up after a fall to having the true competitive spirit needed to succeed in barrel racing, this song has a bit of it all. Love the rodeo, cowgirl life? Then this song is for you.

Check it out.

She's got scars, wounds that never end
Still cries for Credit Card and what those thieves and cowboys did to him. 
She's been bucked and threw a time or two, landed on her face,
But she gets up, dusts off, and enters that next race. 

She keeps hanging on to the dream she's always known
For the glory damn the pain. Holds it all within them reins.
She is country tough and there's no giving up
From her boots down to her precious latigo
Her heart is a rodeo.

The rodeo life isn't for everyone, and cowgirls are some of the toughest, most determined people out there. If you ever need to remind yourself about why you work so hard, or why all that work is worth it, just turn this song up.

Are you a cowgirl? Tell us about your experience at rodeos in the comments below!

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'Her Heart Is a Rodeo' Captures What It Means to Be a Cowgirl