The 5 Best Dog Hemp Oil Brands on Amazon

Posted by Allison Johnson

If your dog suffers from separation anxiety, joint pain, or just needs to relax, hemp oil may be the answer to their health problems. Industrial hemp oil is extracted from a hemp plant that doesn't have the same intoxicating side effects like THC. Hemp oil is full of nutrients and some people are even swapping out their fish oil for hemp oil.

Many people use essential oils and coconut oil for their health remedies, but know not all essential oils are safe for our pets. Hemp seed oil is the best route to avoid toxic oil. Keep in mind, hemp oil is not CBD oil. Although there are studies that the use of CBD oil or cannabidiol may benefit people, that is not what we want to give to our dogs.

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Just one more drop! 🐾👅 #yummiesinmytummies . - Swipe to see the rest of our amazing @alphapaw_official supplements! 🌱 Although, I do get the salmon oil added to my daily meals most of this products we mainly use for my black lab brother 🐾 He is 9 years old and started to show his age. He has shoulder problems and can tell he moves a lot slower than he used to 😕 The hemp extract and the hip & joint chews help majorly with this! There’s a huge difference between when he gets them daily and when he doesn’t ✨ We also really enjoy the salmon oil which helps with his sensitive skin and makes mine even more shiny! 🦴 Do you give your dogs any extra additives to their meals?

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Hemp seed oil has many benefits for dogs. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve dogs of chronic pain and have a soothing effect for them to relax. Pet owners, if you're looking for a natural alternative to boost your dog's immune system, or to relieve them of pain, check out these FDA approved hemp products for dogs.

Hemp Oil for Dogs

1. Kinpur Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil for Dogs

Essential fatty acids such as Gamma Linolenic Acid can reduce inflammation. If your dog is aging or is experiencing pain, check with your veterinarian for a recommended dosage for your fur baby. Customer reviews are wonderful! With an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, this one should do the trick. People are amazed by how hemp seed oil has managed their pet's arthritis pain.

2. Valerio Hemp Oil

Valerio Hemp Oil

Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats Amazon[/caption]

Customer testimonials are amazing! This oil helps with anxiety, arthritis, and more. See for yourself.

Hemp Oil for Dogs and Cats

4. Billion Pets Hemp Oil

Billion Pets Hemp OilAmazon

With nearly 500 positive customer ratings on Amazon, this supplement is one of the best! Dog owners are calling it a miracle worker. Get this best seller for $19.95.

5. Mix RX Hemp Oil

Mix RX Hemp Oil

If your dog needs yummy flavoring to take their hemp oil, this is a good option! It's peanut butter flavored.

Be mindful of where you choose to buy hemp oil from. Make sure it's hemp and not CBD hemp oil. CBD products can be tricky until you know the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil, but we have you covered for the best quality hemp oils for your dog.

This post was originally published on July 5, 2019.

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The 5 Best Dog Hemp Oil Brands on Amazon