How to Help Horses in Hurricane Harvey

Posted by Mateja Lane
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If you are a horse lover and are looking for resources to help with Hurricane Harvey, you've come to the right place. 

It's tough for everyone to watch the devastation in Texas, and it's even tougher for animal lovers. Texas has a lot of horses and horse owner and they are going to need as much help as any other Texas animal shelter in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

As the storm still ravages the Gulf Coast, it is important to remember that this tragedy is far from over. This tropical storm will go down as one of the worst in American history, dropping more than 50 inches of rain on Houston alone and more detrimental than Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, and Hurricane Sandy.

The amazing horse community has already come together and created a Google Doc of available space in their barns throughout Texas and Louisiana, and people can add to it if they have space in their own barns.

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Here are some resources that the equine community can donate to or support during this natural disaster. They will need as much direct financial assistance and equine supplies as possible.

Original post comes to us from Alie Cline, a horse lover in Austin, Texas. 

1. Texas Equine Veterinary Association has set up drop off points across the state for people wanting to donate supplies to help horses. In Austin, you can drop off supplies at Austin Equine Hospital in Driftwood, or Elgin Veterinary Hospital in Elgin. Everything is needed from feed to buckets to veterinary supplies (bandages, wraps, thrush buster, anti-fungal, gauze, etc).

2. If you want to donate money to specifically aid in equine rescue, here are some options:


1. If you are trapped and need to evacuate your horses, there are multiple groups started for helping connect victims and rescuers. The ones I've seen so far:

2. If you need to evacuate horses and are looking for a place to take them, Houston Dressage Society is maintaining a non-comprehensive list of barns available to take animals. Here is the link to add your barn if you have space:


If you want to help animals of ALL sizes, please donate to Austin Pets Alive! here: If you have space, sign up to foster an animal so they have more space to bring back other animals from Houston. Best Friends Animal Society is working closely with APA and they are also a good place to donate money:

Thank you, Alie for putting together these animal rescue resources. Together we as an equestrian community can help save countless animal lives that are often forgotten in the wake of tragedy.

Keep in mind the Unites States Equine Foundation (USEF) and the USEF Disaster Fund as well; they support horses year-round in the wake of all sorts of tragedies.

Stay strong, Texas, keep up the rescue efforts and know the world is watching and ready to help.

Can you help with any of these foundations? Tell us in the comments below. 

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How to Help Horses in Hurricane Harvey