Help Finance a Life-Size Bronze Sculpture of Dressage Star Valegro

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Image via Crowdfunder
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A fundraiser is on to raise money for a life-size bronze sculpture of dressage star Valegro. And your help is needed.

Dressage star Valegro left an undeniable impact on the world of dressage. He had a massive career, becoming an Olympic, World, and European Champion.

Under rider Charlotte Dujardin and owner and trainer Carl Hester, Valegro became a household name. Since retiring in December of 2016, Valegro has made public appearances to do workshops and meet and greets. Still, dressage fans miss cheering for this horse - but thanks to an effort to create a life-size bronze sculpture of Valegro, we may get to honor him once again.

Image via Crowdfunder

The Newent Initiative Trust and Carl Hester have partnered to commission the life-size bronze sculpture that will celebrate Valegro's incredible achievements. Currently, the plan is to place the sculpture in the Market Square of Newent, which is in Gloucestershire. The bronze sculpture will be a way for the community to honor Valegro, while also being a potential draw for visitors.

In order to commission the sculpture, the partners have created a Crowdfunder page to raise the funds needed. The page has a goal of £80,000, which is equivalent to about $107,300. The fundraising goal will help to cover about half the cost of commissioning the artist and casting the sculpture. Plans are to reveal the sculpture in 2018. 

There are many incentives for donors and depending on how much you donate, you may receive a signed photo of Valegro, a certificate signed by Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester, and even the opportunity to tour the sculptor's workshop to see the sculpture in progress.

The life-size bronze sculpture will be a tribute to a dressage champion and is sure to be a favorite attraction for years to come. Check out the video of Valegro's final performance below:

What is your favorite memory of Valegro? Let us know in the comments!

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Help Finance a Life-Size Bronze Sculpture of Dressage Star Valegro