Hello! Family Comes Home to a Surprise Uninvited Guest

Posted by Mateja Lane
wild turkey

The Peterson family came home to quite the odd guest. 

When the Peterson family came home from vacation to see their front window bashed in, they thought the worst.

But what was sitting on the couch when they came upstairs wasn't at all what they were expecting...

A wild turkey was waiting for them, getting comfortable on the couch.

As Mrs. Peterson called the cops, her husband took some priceless video.

"I don't know if I should call you or what," Mrs. Peterson told the South Lake Minnetonka Police Department. "But we just came home from being gone - and a wild turkey flew through our front window and is now in our house."

Before the police officers arrived, the couple opened the door to the deck and tried to urge the turkey back to the woods. The Petersons, with just the friendliest Midwestern accents, try to coax Mr. Tom the turkey toward the two openings in the house.

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The cops then arrive and find the turkey.

"Oh, there he is. Mind if I snap a picture?"

Posted by South Lake Minnetonka Police Department on Sunday, April 2, 2017

Finally, with the help of three police officers, the group manages to scare the turkey out the open door using a flashlight.

But Tom just seemed genuinely interested in all the people and thought he was invited to the party.

On a serious note, sometimes birds are attracted to their reflections and think it is another bird sizing them up. There have been cases before of turkeys breaking windows because they believe it is a competitor.

Have you ever had a bird in your home? Tell us in the comments below!

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Hello! Family Comes Home to a Surprise Uninvited Guest