'Hello Darlings!' Big Alaskan Malamutes Search the House for Grandma

Posted by Amber King

No need to go over the river or through the woods, these dogs know the way to Grandma.

A dog's nose is more than 40 times more powerful than a person's, and these Alaskan Malamutes are no exceptions. With around 125 million olfactory receptors--compared to the 5 million in a human nose--dogs have the incredible ability to distinguish individual smells.

That's how these big dogs are able to pick up Grandma's scent mixed in with the smells of everyone else in the house. When their super sniffers tell them Grandma is somewhere nearby, they go on the hunt. They can't see her, but they know she's there.

They know she's in the house, because they have the ability to smell not only what's there, but what used to be there. It's like when someone walks past you wearing perfume. You can smell the perfume after they're gone, but for humans, that scent soon disappears. Dogs, on the other hand, can pick up on scent trails up to 300 hours old. It's what makes them great trackers for both hunters and police forces.

These big dogs may not be on any kind of official duty, but they track down Grandma like it's their job. And of course Grandma is thrilled to see her big, fluffy darlings.

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'Hello Darlings!' Big Alaskan Malamutes Search the House for Grandma