Hedgehogs Are Now Allowed to Be Kept as Pets in Maine

Posted by Tori Holmes
Pet hedgehog

There's big news for hedgehog lovers in Maine: You can now legally own a hedgehog as a pet!

In February of this year, a hedgehog-loving 6th grader from Mechanic Falls, Maine contacted Senator Eric Brakey about the ban on hedgehog ownership. At the time, hedgehogs were on the restricted list of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

Senator Brakey brought forward the student's idea and earlier this month, hedgehogs were officially moved to the department's unrestricted animal list.

With this change, those who want to own a hedgehog in Maine can do so without obtaining multiple licenses.

Congratulations, Mainers! We're so happy to hear that hedgehogs can now be welcomed into homes across the state.

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Hedgehogs Are Now Allowed to Be Kept as Pets in Maine