Hedgehogs and Human Food Are a Match Made in Heaven

Posted by Jason Sarna

Prepare yourself: for you are about to witness one of the most divine matches your eyes have ever seen!

Some matches just work: that one shirt with that one pair of pants or that pair of shoes with that hat. We don't exactly know why these matches work and to question why is like questioning the inner workings of the universe.

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Hedgehogs and human food, for whatever reason, make a divine match. Don't believe us? Check out the photos below:

Peanut Lover

This hedgehog would like to apologize to those of you with peanut allergies. #sorrybutnotsorry

Frappuccino Model

Coffee hog ☕️🐷

A post shared by Guacamole The Hedgehog (@_instaguac) on

Proof that whip cream and caramel drizzling are overrated.

The Salesman

Have you ever wanted a cold drink more than this?

Sneak Attack

Eggos aren't just irresistible to humans!

The Drumstick

I scream, you scream, we all scream for SPIKE CREAM! 🍦#NationalIceCreamDay

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"Hey, ice cream man, something's different about this drumstick."

The Overeater

Don't judge: we've all done it!

The Cutest Bell Pepper

bell pepper × hedgehog パプリカとおーしゃん。 パプリカって英語でなんて言うんだろう?ってぐぐったら、まあパプリカで通じることもあるみたいだけど、bell pepperが一般的らしい。 で、びっくりしたのは、ピーマンって日本語なんですって😳😳 ピーマンをほとんど食べないみたいだけど。 軽くぐぐっただけだから、間違ってるかも? パプリカって私の子どもの頃はなかったなぁ。 で、英語だと思ってピーマンって言うと、ピーはおしっこって意味らしくて、おしっこ男になっちゃうとか? #パプリカ #bell pepper #ピーマン #おーしゃん #はりねずみ #ハリネズミ #ハリネズミ #hedgehog #hedgie #ペット #hedgehogsofinstagram #hedgehoglife #hedgehoglove #hedgehogbaby

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Stem and everything!

Take a deep breath and relax. Your eyes have just witnessed one of the most divine matches this Earth has ever seen. Believe me: you are better for it. And now when you question why some of the matches in your own life work, just look up to the stars and take solace in the fact that not everything in life is explainable.

What other foods would pair well with hedgehogs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Hedgehogs and Human Food Are a Match Made in Heaven