Hedgehog Suffering From 'Balloon Syndrome' Released Back Into the Wild

Posted by Tori Holmes
hedgehog before and after photo

Remember that hedgehog suffering from "balloon syndrome" that the RSPCA rescued? He has officially been released back into the wild.

At the time of his rescue, the hedgehog, who staff named Monty after the Montgolfier brothers who invented the hot air balloon, was twice his size due to a buildup of gas under his skin. It was so bad that he couldn't get all four feet on the ground at the same time, meaning he was stuck walking in circles.

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After arriving at the RSPCA, a veterinarian was able to "pop" him to reduce the pressure under his skin. He was in the care of RSPCA for several weeks before he was released back at the same spot he was found.

After Monty's release, Lee Stewart, the manager at the RSPCA location where Monty was cared for, shared his excitement on Monty's next chapter.

"It's always great when we're able to successfully rehabilitate an animal and release them back into the wild, that's the whole point of the work we do here," said Stewart.

Safe travels Monty! And keep up the great work RSPCA!

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All images courtesy of the BBC.

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Hedgehog Suffering From 'Balloon Syndrome' Released Back Into the Wild