Hedgehog Stuck in Croissant Because Aren't We All?

Posted by Mateja Lane

Croissants are my kryptonite too. 

Meaning they give me strength but are also my downfall. Do you know those flaky, delicious treats have 231 calories? Must be all that butter. This little hedgehog could've used some more butter, come to think of it.

While this isn't a real croissant, it still becomes a symbol of our everyday life struggle with eating healthy, right? Watch this little hedgehog get stuck in the croissant and try his hardest to just get out and be free.

Oh the frustration! And those little legs are useless! Poor little guy. Maybe if he laid off the real croissants he would have an easier time lifting himself.

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But I tell myself that every time I'm in a coffee shop, trying to decide between the croissant and the apple: Maybe if you don't have the croissant you could lift yourself easier, Mateja.

Who am I kidding,  I would rather eat that croissant and be as frustrated as this guy trying to get out of the calorie hole than be hungry anyways.

We see you, little hedgie, we see you.

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Hedgehog Stuck in Croissant Because Aren't We All?