Hedgehog Is Very Brave and Tries to Take on Robot Vacuum

Posted by Tori Holmes
hedgehog and robot vacuum

Animals and vacuums have what is best described as a love-hate relationship.

While some animals run and hide at first sight of a robot vacuum, others seem to enjoy their alternative benefits, such as being an excellent mode of transportation. And then there's this hedgehog.

When faced with his family's robot vacuum, this little hedgehog doesn't cower in fear or run and hide. He puts on a brave face and heads into battle!

Knowing that the robot is more than double his size, the hedgehog narrows in on one part of the vacuum he can certainly take on: the spinning black sensors.

Despite its constant moving (stop running away, why don't you!), this brave little hedgie keeps the evil robot in his line of view at all times.

While we may not know for certain how the battle ended, I think it's safe to guess who the winner was.

Hint: they have spikes.

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Hedgehog Is Very Brave and Tries to Take on Robot Vacuum